Dec 7, 2008

SMU Law has top bar passage rate in Texas

Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law had the highest bar passage rate for the July 2008 exam, according to the Dallas Morning News. Another feather in the cap for SMU!


Finance Guy said...

Although not a bad thing, a high bar passage rate is not considered a big "plus" by law schools. Baylor Law normally does well only to get denigrated as a "three year bar review course."

Job placement is a better measure.

Ted said...

Interesting point. I am not a lawyer, but I spend a fair amount of time around them. I noticed that SMU's statistics included the evening program graduates as well for the first time. There had been some concern over lower admissions standards for the evening program but this indicates to me that they are still setting a high standard.

How someone works full-time and goes to law school at night while keeping their sanity is beyond me.