Dec 23, 2008

The best site for buying and selling cheap MBA textbooks

You'd think that MBAs would understand better than anyone the value of a free market to set prices. Do you really think the campus bookstore, with their monopolistic, rent-seeking tendencies and overhead expenses is really going to sell you a textbook at the lowest price possible? And at the end of the semester, are they going to give you top dollar for your buyback? Unlikely.

Enter, the pure intersection of supply and demand, with an excellent selection of textbooks.

Granted, there are a few drawbacks. You don't get instant gratification, so you might not have the textbook in time for the first day of class (you overachiever!). But can't you just borrow a copy from one of your classmates? And if you decide to drop a class after you've ordered the text, you're subject to market forces when you remarket that asset.

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