Mar 12, 2010

The best tailor in Dallas: Cantu Tailors

If you need a tailor who knows what he's doing, Cantu is the place. This is a great family run business that's been around for decades. Robert is always helpful and the prices are fair (yes, there are cheaper tailors, but you get what you pay for). Located in an unassuming strip mall, the storefront isn't much to look at but the work is always first rate.

(214) 739-3190
6064 Sherry Ln
Dallas, TX 75225


aldrin james said...

When we were in Dallas we visited Cantu Tailors. My friends told us that they are the best tailor in that place. We are curious that is we visit it personally and we are so amazed on their jobs.

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Philip Davis said...

All the apparels displayed above are just excellent and fashionable. Great post...Thank you much more...
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